Postgraduate Prize Winners at the SAIP Conference July 2021

PhD Oral:

Isaac Nape

University of the Witwatersrand

PhD Poster:
Effects of partial soiling on Thermal Infrared imaging of crystalline PV modules

Monphias Vumbugwa

Nelson Mandela University

PhD student, Photovoltaics Research Group

PhD topic: Dynamic characterization of operational crystalline Photovoltaic modules 

Supervisor: Prof EE Van Dyk

My research in solar energy mainly focuses on Thermal Infrared Imaging as a metric for inspection of Photovoltaic modules.

My research focuses on harnessing structured light fields in classical (coherent laser beams), single photon and two photon (entangled) states for information transfer and communication through noisy channels. We establish novel methods for creating, transporting and detecting light fields through decaying media by controlling the transverse spatial and (or) polarization degrees freedom of light both locally (within the same photon) and non-locally (between spatially separated photon).

MSc Oral Joint Winner:
Birefringence from digital phase-shifting measurements

Keshaan Singh

University of the Witwatersrand,

MSc student, Structured Light Laboratory, School of Physics

MSc topic: All-digital wavefront sensing using digital micro-mirror devices 

Supervisor: Dr Angela Dudley, Prof Andrew Forbes

My research focuses on the use of digital micro-mirror technology (commonly used in digital projectors) as tools for both fundamental and applied optics research. Treasurer of the Wits SPIE & OSA student chapter.

Paul Stansell

University of the Witwatersrand

MSc student, School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand

MSc Topic: Vacuum Arc Propulsion Systems for In Space Refuelling and Small Satellite Applications 

Supervisor: Prof Phil Ferrer

I work on experimental propulsion systems that have potential to be refuelled from space resources such as asteroids.


MSc Poster:

Properties of nanostructured hematite prepared by various coating techniques for PEC water splitting

Adiel Holtzhausen

University of Pretoria

MSc student, Clean and Green Energy Research Group

MSc topic: Optimization of processing parameters in the preparation of hematite thin films for PEC device

Supervisor: Prof Mmantsae Diale

My research focuses on the influence that various processing parameters have on hematite thin films, for applications in photoelectrochemical water splitting.