SAIP APD 2023 Postgrad Awards

Honours Presentation (Poster and Oral combined):

Sana Patel

University of Venda

“First- Principles Study of sodium De-intercalation From Tri-Chalcogenide NaNbSe2” (poster)

MSc Poster:

Light Mkhumbuza

University of the Witwatersrand

“Phase characterisation of a deformable mirror through digital Stokes polarimetry”

MSc Oral:

Ronel Randela

University of Venda

“Density functional theory study of Porphyrin dye molecule adsorbed on TiO2 (010) Anatase surface”

PhD Poster:

Samuel Temaugee

University of the Witwatersrand

“Ion-induced radiation damage in Lutetium – Aluminium and Gold using SRIM-2013”

PhD Oral:

Thendo Nemakhavhani

University of Johannesburg

“Long-term Kimberlite activation for Radiological Assessment for the Min-PET technique”