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The Applied Physics Division of the SAIP (South African Institute of Physics) promotes applied physics in South Africa and coordinates the applied physics track in the annual conference of the SAIP. It also aims to facilitate contact between academia and industry, linking universities, research laboratories, companies and government organisations involved in applied physics, as well as advancing careers in applied physics for university graduates.

The current Chairperson is Prof Phil Ferrer at the University of the Witwatersrand, and the committee draws its members from universities and research centres across South Africa.

The most recent Chairperson’s Report and the Minutes of the 2021 General Meeting are available via the links below:

Chairperson’s Report 2021

Minutes of the 2021 General Meeting

You may contact us by sending a message via the form on the Contact Us page, by emailing, or by contacting a committee member by email shown on the Committee page.

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